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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 11, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> reporter: we're live in daly city where a car went off a 200- foot cliff. we'll tell you whether speed or
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alcohol played a role in the crash. an early-morning fire in a vacant building in oakland. why this is familiar territory for fire crews. >> reporter: we're live in hayward where a mother and son escape a burning apartment. we'll tell you why it's thought the fire was intentionally set. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's dues, december 11th -- it's tuesday, december 11th. a cliff rescue is happening right now and one lane is closed because of the rescue. brian flores has more. brian? >> reporter: emergency crews finished up a few minutes ago.
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both lanes of highway 35 are reopen. besigned me is the general area where this car went off the cliff here. lights just started showing up here. but still very dark out here, as you can see. emergency crews and the california highway patrol, they were hoping to get the car that drove off the cliff. the car drove off the cliff 100 to 200 feet here. we saw the person who may be the driven. he was given a breathalyzer test as we arrived. the chp says it is still being investigated whether speed or alcohol was in the crash. the passenger has moderate to major injuries according to the chp and was taken to a local hospital. >> it has major damage to it. obviously, going down the embankment, it didn't hit much debris but on the way down it did sustain damage to the front, left front fender as
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well as undercarriage damage. >> reporter: and again, no other injuries to report. no other vehicles were involved. but this morning, a tow company has been called in to get the car below the cliff. in terms of traffic, again, southbound, one of the lanes was closed for several hours this morning. but from what it appears, both lanes are open and in both directions on the 35. that's good news for traffic. live in daly city, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. hours ago in hayward several people ran to escape flames at an abandoned pago t building. this happened about three hours ago off dixon and copperfield avenue. ktvu's tara moriarty is here now. you got there shortly after the fire started. you talked to some of the fire victims. what are they saying? >> reporter: right now, arson investigators are here on the
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scene -- scene are trying to figure out if this is the case. when a woman came downstairs early this morning, she said the living room was filled with smoke and flames. she and her son ran out. this is video from the hayward fire department. crews say that the top and bottom floors of the apartment unit off dixon street and they got here. firefighters were able to knock it out within ten minutes and prevent it from spreading to other people's homes. the woman who lives here told us that she heard a crashing sound. she believes this fire was done on purpose. >> she describes somebody threw something through the window, may have been a cocktail. i didn't see anyone. i saw the loud bang and flames after that. >> reporter: now, another family had to be evacuated. so more than half a dozen people total. the mother and son are staying with friends. this is about a block away from the b.a.r.t. station. luckily, no one was hurt and
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there's still no estimate on the damages. live from hayward, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:04. in oakland, fire crews went back to a scene they've been to before putting out yet another fire at a former appliance repair shop. now, it's happened there. in fact, it was a second fire there in just four months. arson investigators will be there later today to figure out how this fire started. coming up at 7:30, allie rasmus has been on this story since 4:30. we'll have the latest information. 7:04. the san jose police department is now clarifying earlier statements about the weekend stabbing of a 14-year-old boy near a holiday celebration. it happened saturday night, not far from the christmas in the park festivities downtown. the mercury news reports that a police spokesman told the paper that police may not investigate the stabbing and that it was just one more added to the pile. the police spokesman now says
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he meant that gang detectives would not be called in on their day off. he adds that all cases are investigated despite heavy workloads. the san francisco da's office has subpoenaed the deleted twitter accounts of two suspected rioters. this stems from the columbus day protest on october 6th. the d.a. wants to see two demonstrators' tweets along with photos, mentions and tweets from other users who followed them. twitter has not said if it is willing to hand over that information. 7:05. the city college of san francisco struggles and deals with the financial hole. one of the trustees faces the possibility of losing his seat. chris jacke son was re-elected last month but the san francisco ethics commission said he didn't file campaign disclosure statements which track cell phoneses and expenses -- doctorses and
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expense -- contributions and expenses. jackson says he hopes to file the reports on friday and plan a payment plan of $11,000 that he racked up in fees for the missing reports. there's still no deal between president obama and house speaker john boehner. that has not stopped democrats and republicans on capitol hill on chiming in on what should and should not be cut. coming up at 7:15, our washington, d.c. newsroom is tracking all -- all of the competing punts of view -- points of view they are talking about on capitol hill. a new study on san jose drivers is now drawing national attention. the study shows commuters are using social media to connect with other drivers. they exchange information to help them reach their destinations faster. the study says it also helps drivers feel better. not only because of the time they save but because they are
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helping other drivers save time. a win-win. >> yes. hey, sal, have you fixed things on highway 101? >> well, we're trying. 101 a little bit of fog coming through. let's take look at it from our camera in san francisco. a little bit of fog. in fact, it -- we may not be able to see this picture. i showed it to you first here. northbound 101 traffic is doing okay coming in to san francisco. but definitely some foggy weather. bay bridge toll plaza not so foggy. it's, in fact, not foggy at all. westbound traffic barked up for about a 25 to 3046 minute delay -- 30-minute -- barked up for about a 25 to 30-minute delay. you will see traffic in fremont and the south bay. 85 slows at 87. 101 slows in pockets from the capital expressway. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have low clouds coming in. this is on parts of the coast and moving south. it looks like it's about half
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of the san mateo coast. there is a ribbon of fog from the sacramento valley and san joaquin valley. our system kos not -- does not have a lot of rain but it has a lot of cold air with it. it will be moving in tomorrow. today we have low clouds, again, combination of the two. low clouds. it will be a cooler day even with sun for a while. sometime this time of year, when you get a cold front moving in. those clouds start to move in. clouds tonight and then -- it's a light rain coming in late tonight, tomorrow morning. .10, maybe .50 at the most. the snow level is coming down. this will be good news for the is sierra, shasta/lassen, they will get the snow levels. not a lot of snow out of the first one but we'll get the levels down to 4500 feet. it will turn much colder. it's already cold to the north. a lot of 30s from santa rosa, napa down to gilroy, 38. livermore, 39.
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concord, 38. i've seen 37 sonoma. 38 bethel island. it's definitely colder and the cold air is continuing to march from north to south. it will be here after the front goes through. the rain does not arrive until late. it starts to move into the north mendocino county. the evening commute will be fine. tomorrow morning i think we'll have a few issues. this comes in. that's rain. this is showers. kind of hit and miss. that's what's gonna move over to us. the snow has been way up above pass levels. while it's coming down to 4500 feet as we head toward late thursday into thursday. more of a westerly breeze. fog, increasing. some of these high temperatures are gonna get capped pretty fast. 50s or very low 60s. no more 60s after today. there will be cold air coming in. kind of a showery pattern thursday. friday, windy cold, increasing
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clouds on saturday. it looks like another cold rain on sunday. california's king tides are coming in soon. king tides are the highest tides of the year. they peak on thursday morning. the water will cover entire beaches. instead of water lapping up on sand, it will hit rocks and docks and some believe this is what california may look like in the future if the sea levels rise because of global warming. dive teams with special sonar equipment with search the waters for a missing earl man who vanished saturday off mare island. he may have -- a missing elderly man who vanish saturday off mare island e may have fallen overboard -- island e may have fallen overboard. more possible
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repercussions. what could happen next toot australian radio station in that coax. and the first indication that the childhood obesity trend is changing for the belter. better.
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it's cold out there. sunny for a while. nice shot, nice shot, guys. thank you. very low fog that. will put an end to temperatures mainly in the upper 50s, colder tomorrow. within the last hour we've learned that egypt has asked the international monetary fund to delay payment of a $4.8 billion loan. egypt's prime minister said the request was made because of the political turmoil gripping the country. this saturday egyptians are scheduled to vote on a disputed
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draft constitution. that's prompted protests. the prime minister says political instability is further crippling egypt's already ailing economy. the obama administration tightening its ties to syria's main opposition group. the u.s. is expected to recognize the new opposition council as the only legitimate representative of the syrian people at an international conference in morocco. britain and france, they've already extended full recognition to that coalition. well, secretary of state, hillary clinton, was supposed to represent the u.s. tomorrow at the friends of syria meeting in mow co but she has a -- morocco but she has a stomach flu. congress is scheduled to break for the holidays this friday. as alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom,
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both parties have their sticking points. alison? >> reporter: tori, the pressure is on. members of congress are back this morning after a long weekend. and in just about 15 minutes, democrats will be speaking out about the fiscal cliff saying medicaid should not be subject to cuts. in the past 48 hours since president obama and john boehner met face to face, no details on the discussions have -- have been released. the president said he's willing to compromise but maintains his stance on tax increases for the wealthy. >> we ask the wealthiest americans to pay 2%. i won't comhe promice on -- compromise on that
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>> reporter: and then an official came on tv and said they could save money by making tax cuts to the food stamp program. aig is selling off most of its profit and the government will end up with a profit of $22 billion, to many people's surprise. aig was rescued in 2008 just before it had to file for bankruptcy. now aig executives say the company may be able to pay a dividends to the shareholders by next summer. we're learning about an up expected new fee that's part of the reforms. it's a temporary $63 per person fee designed to help pay for people with preexisting conditions. it will hit health plans affecting 9 0 million americans. the -- 90 million americans. the fee will start in 2014. it will last about three years. most of that fee will be passed
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on to workers. well, some better news this morning, about childhood obesity nationwide. several big cities say obesity rights are actually going down. "the new york times" says new york city, los angeles, philadelphia, anchorage and kerney, nebraska all reported declines in obesity. they are not sure what is contributing to the decline because those cities have had programs fighting childhood obesity for years. it is 7:17. the australian radio station behind that royal primary call that ended in tragedy says it will donate this month's pasts -- profits to the family of a london nurse. legal experts say the station could face criminal charges without consent from the participants. two australian radio hosts pretended to be queen elizabeth
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and prince charms and obtained information about the duchess of cambridge being treated at the hospital. the nurse who took the call apparently took her own life. antolin garcia-torres will be in court for three kidnappings today. yesterday, the judge approved an amendment to attach the lamar case with those other crimes. it's reported that he tried to kidnap three women from a safeway parking lot where he worked. prosecutors say he killed sierra lamar and hid her body. there are four claims alleging former students were abused by their teachers in the 1990s. the lawsuits were filed by three jane does and kristin kanane who helped convict of one -- one of her abusers.
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district thrill officials will talk -- district officials will talk about the claims at the school. delta will be paying $63 million to buy 39% of virgin atlantic. delta is buying all of singapore's stake in virgin electric -- atlantic. that gives delta access to heathrow airport airport that it is has -- airport that it has wanted for a long time. last month the u.s. retailers set a record for hiring, up 22% from last year. the experts say that could lead to stronger holiday sales as customers expect to get better service and employees have more money to spend. they are also saying if
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seasonal hiring matches last year's rate as many as 700,000 workers could be working through the holidays. 7:20. it's chilly outside. at least in parts of the bay area. rain is on the way. meteorologist steve paulson is tracking the storm. that's a pretty shot there. coming down on disputes between neighbors about second- hand smoke. the new law san francisco is thinking about to snuff out smoking. and in contra costa county, we to have slow traffic as you drive between walnut creek and oakland. we'll tell you about that and the rest of the morning commute when "mornings on 2" continues.
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researchers in china found a way to create blood cells using
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urine. researchers hope to one day use the new technique to treat diseases such as alzheimer's and parkinson's. san francisco renters could soon find out ahead of time if they will be living next door to smokers. san francisco's board of supervisors could soon require landlords to give potential tenants a list of apartments where smoking is allowed. a city committee approved a plan and the board is expected -- board is expected to vote on it next ban. 7:23. where is the smartest city in north america? one website says san francisco is the second smartest city. san francisco has a lining entrepreneurial economy -- this rhining entrepreneur economy, the report says, but they say it is near colleges and universities. behind san francisco are seattle and vancouver.
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7:23. we want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. sal? >> yeah. boston has harvard. >> right. >> let's take a look at what we have. it's cambridge, technically. but you know what i mean. southbound 880, we have slow traffic. we also have slow traffic on the bridges. but not so much on the san mateo bridge as we did yesterday. we want to talk about contra costa county because highway 4 has improved from antioch to pittsburg but slow in bay point. 24 is not that bad. it's crowded, though. and thin 80 westbound in western contra costa county slow in richmond as you drive down to berkeley. if you are driving in san jose, we have slow traffic here coming up from downtown. it's very slow driving up to the 17 interchange and beyond
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that into cupertino. let's go to steve. very good morning. changes are already beginning to come up. spooky fog in the city at turk. low fog, creepy fog. there is a lot around starting to pick up. we still have sun for a while. here comes a cold front. today, we have increasing low clouds and the higher clouds come in. today's dry -- there's even fog not on the coast but in the north bay and valley. north bay rain tonight. not a lot. it will move south by tomorrow morning. .10. there could be .50 farther north. there's already 30s and 40s. get used to this it will get colder. >> that's our system. most of it is moving east. that cold air coming out of the gulf of alaska says i'm heading
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your way. there is a lot of fog out there. it will increase. this time of year when a front comes in, it gets that fog and it turns gray fast. we'll have increasing clouds and rain comes in tonight, early tomorrow morning and then colder, turning showery. lower snow levels, about 4,000 feet. windy and cold on friday. not in agreement on the weekend. i'm leaning on the one that says rain for sunday. >> that is an adeputy change. >> yes. the investigation in pleasant hill of a pipe bomb at an elementary school. what parents are being told by the superintendent. >> reporter: firefighters respond to a fire at an oakland business. why they are already very familiar with the building where it happened. we're live in morgan hill where there is a spike in a particular type of crime. we'll tell you where it is and where it is specifically happening -- when "mornings on 2" continues. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. a fire happened in oakland at 64th and international boulevard at a former appliance company. allie rasmus is live at the scene. allie? >> reporter: good morning. investigators are supposed to be coming to this business
7:31 am
later today to figure out the cause of the fire. it will be the second time they've come to this same spot in the last four months. the fire that happened here early this morning hit the budget appliances business on 64th and international. if we take a peek inside the window, you can see there's not much in here. you don't see any signs of appliances or anything that burned. just a mattress in the back corner. this building was completely empty. the business has not operated here for several months. the fire that happened here this morning happened around 1:30. the battalion chief says the exact cause of the fire is under investigation. but she did point out some signs about what contributed to the fire. >> people were living in the vacant building. >> reporter: that may explain what we saw in the back of the. -- back of the room. this is video of a fire that happened at this appliance store back in august of this
7:32 am
year. back then, firefighters believe this fair may have been suspicious in nature. but this time, the fire chief says there doesn't appear to be anything about the suspicious in this fire. the building had been vacant since august. there was no roof and no electricity here. so the theory is, according to the battalion thief -- chief, that someone cutting here may have lit a fire to try to -- squatting here may have lit a fire to try to keep warm. back to you. >> thank you. police say a chase started around 8:00 last night when they tried to pull over a suspected stolen car. the driver took off, then crashed into another car and then a fence, about a mile and a half away, near bond street. the driver led them on the chase and wassicken to the hospital and in handcuffs. the driver of the other car
7:33 am
also received minor injuries. 7:32. a warning this morning for residents in morgan hill. police report a jump in burglaries over the past month. ktvu's janine de la vega is in morgan hill and you've been talking to neighbors. what do they say? >> reporter: well, they are telling me that they have heard about all of these burglaries in the area. the news is spreading fast belong the people who live here in this green leaf neighborhood near 101. you can see the person who owns this home actually chained their dear lawn -- their deer lawn ornament to the tree since it wouldn't be stolen. there's been 23 burglaries here. eight homes have been broken into during the day. they are taking electronics, jewelry. officers say those thieves are smashing windows and grabbing what they can. people we spoke to this morning are troubled by the news. >> it's very concerning because, you know, you feel that you might be in a safe
7:34 am
neighborhood and especially when you have children that are in the neighborhood. you know, cars and christmastime and how this might affect, you know, people that we know and love in our neighborhood. >> reporter: we found these two cars with the engines running and no one inside, just in the last 10, 15 minutes. this is the exact thing that police are warning people not to do. officers are patrolling the area but they also want people to do their part to keep their doors and windows closed and their valuables out of sight when it comes to cars and the same thing goes with their homes. police, again, are investigating. they do not know know if any of these crimes are -- they do not know if any of these crimes are related and they don't have anybody in custody. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 600 students at pleasant hill elementary school were evacuated yesterday because of a pipe bomb found there. luckily, no one was hurt. investigators are now checking security cameras. they are looking for fingerprints on the pipe bomb
7:35 am
itself. yesterday, the superintendent of the mt. diablo unified school district sent a message to parents. >> i would like to thank the parent, the pleasant hill elementary school principal, teachers and staffers for responding appropriately and ensuring the safety of their students. >> investigators want to know if there's did -- if there is a connection to another pipe bomb incident last week. crews brought in heavy equipment to fix the main line that burst yesterday in this area. no homes were affected. but some commercial customers lost water service. we talked to contra costa water district about an hour ago. they tell us service has been restored. tonight, the pittsburg planning commission will debate whether to permanently ban medical marijuana dispensaries. currently, there is a moratorium in place banning these but it is set to expire
7:36 am
in april. oakley and brentwood has banned these. in colorado, only a few marijuana activists turned up at the state capitol to show up for the legalization of marijuana. colorado's governor did not want the kind of scenes like washington. the governor who opposed the measure quietly announced this on twitter and e-mail after the fact. 7:35. the movie studio lucas film just won an appeal of a discrimination case. a state appeals court overturned an earlier video that said lucas film committed discrimination when it fired a woman after she revealed -- after she revealed she was pregnant. she won $114,000 in damages in
7:37 am
2010. the court said the judge's instructions to the jury in the earlier case was incomplete and incorrect. bell, a stalemate goes on -- well, a stalemate goes on between northern california fishermen and crabbers. later, they will decide whether to accept a $2 fee for the crab. the crabbers want $3. a strike began last wednesday after fish broker made an attempt to -- brokers made an attempt to drop the price of fresh crab. happening now, thousands of protesters are marching on the state capitol in lancing, michigan ahead of a controversial bill that could weaken the power of unions. [chanting] >> this is new video of the protesters this morning. the bill would make it
7:38 am
voluntary for workers to join unions. they could not be forced to pay dues even though the union would still bargain on their behalf. >> you will have people that will be working right alongside you that will not have to pay union dues if you pay union dues but will still be able to get all of the benefits from being a union member. >> shouldn't people have the opportunity to say if they want to belong or not? and i think this could be good for economic development. >> democrats oppose the measure but republicans have a majority in the state legislature so the bill is expected to pass. this is a live look from the newschopper of some of the crowds that have gathered outside of the state capitol there in lancing, michigan. again, thousands of union members gathering to protest the so-called "right to work" legislation and that includes automakers, machinistens and others. a lot of -- machinists, a lot
7:39 am
of support there. 23 states already have this right to work law in place. there was an overall decrease in hate crimes last year. but anti-gay related crimes were up. according to the fbi, 6,222 hate crimes were reported in 2011. that's down 6% compared to 2010. just over 1500 of hate crimes targeted gays and lesbians. that's about a 2.6% increase from 2010. the fbi says nearly half all -- half of all of the hate crimes were racially motivated and that 20% were linked to religious big on theory -- bigotry. you can use this now to
7:40 am
report nonviolent crimes, this new website and the police says this is more user-friendly. san francisco firefighters will be helping santa today. this morning portion the annual toy festival at -- this morning marks the annual toy festival at city hall. organizers say they still need more toy donations for this holiday season. 7:39. we want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. what does it looks like at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> it's pretty crowded. one of the busiest commutes. it's better than it was yesterday. still about a 30, 40-minute delay. that's before you make it on the bridge. better news for carpoolers just screaming by. b.a.r.t. is a good way to get in the city. that system is are -- is
7:41 am
reporting their trains online. the oakland coliseum, is not all that bad in case you are trying to catch a flight at oakland international. you will see some problems on the peninsula. put a circle there. northbound 101 near san bruno avenue, a car fire. they had to block a lane for the fire crews there. so traffic is gonna be busy from burlingame. 280 might get a better -- might be a better bet heading north. let's go to steve. awesome fog reports coming in from twitter. spweather. some areas clear. the fog is in. i've heard that from pacifica and here comes the fog. it's dancing around, you know, if you have watched three or four times, you are gonna say, you've already said that. this time of year, even though it can start off sunny, that fog can start rolling in because a cold front rolls in. we want to highlight in. we will not get a lot of rain out of this system. it's cold now.
7:42 am
it will get colder for us. if you are from the midwest or something, you are saying what are you talking about? 30s and 40s on the temps. petaluma, a lot of fog reports. also up to santa rosa, parts in napa, so it's dancing around. but this front will start to increase. not only the lower clouds. rain will hold off until tonight. this is not a big rainer. nothing compared to what we had last week. it's more of a northern pattern and that means it's colder -- overnight, midnight. that's rain right there and then what do you mean by showers? that's what i mean. hit, miss, miss, miss, miss. it's all sun, cloud, sun, cloud. you will flow tis it. fog on the in -- notice it. nothing on the increase. it will be cooler today. 50s on the temperatures. temperatures are dropping fast and they will continue to drop. they capitol hilly cold here. off and on. friday looks windy and cold. increasing clouds saturday.
7:43 am
it looks like another cold rain on sunday. 7:42. a record fine for a bank. why europe's largest bank has to pay nearly $2 billion and the impact it will have on the bottom line. more fallout from the spending scandal and what we're learning from a newly-released audit and which expenses may have broken the law.
7:44 am
7:45 am
stocks opening higher ahead of a meeting bite federal reserve and possible additional steps to bolster the economy. stocks are nearly holding onto their gains for the year. the dough is up -- the dow is
7:46 am
up 18%. the s&p has gained -- has gained 13.3. the knack is up 39. the dow is up 107. the s&p is up 12. j.p. morgan chase has taken over the top spot in the latest spot of customer stats faction. the ratings jumped 6 points. wells fargo saw a drop of 3 points, giving it the second highest rating. the san francisco bank had been number one for 11 years. bank of america had the lowest rating of banks the $1.9 billion crime to settle a crime into money laundering. hsbc was accused of transferring money from drug cartels in mexico from the u.s. 7:45. the 49ers suspended running
7:47 am
back brandon jacobs who tweeted about his lack of playing time. now, jacobs will not be playing in the last three regular seasons games after he tweeted that he was rotting way on the 49ers' bench. on saturday, he tweeted "i don't understand why people are angry at me because i want to do what i'm paid to do." those tweets cost him about $300,000. another 49er is getting attention as well but it is for his positive talents outside of playing newsroom. coming up, we'll take you inside vernon davis' art gallery opening. there's something mysterious showing up on the beach in santa cruz. pam cook joins us with what scientists are saying about this dead squid situation. pam? >> yeah. it's very strange. they are called humboldt squid and hundreds have washed ashore in santa cruz county. scientists at the department of fish and game are now trying to
7:48 am
figure out what happened. the squid appeared on sunday in beaches between rio delmar and pleasure point on -- was on sunday. marin biologists are not sure why and they say it's particularly surprising that they are even here in the first place since the squid usually live in warmer water. back in october, another 100 squid beached themselves in the pacific grove area. scientists have a warning. they say you should not eat the squid since they are not sure why they died. tori? >> thank you, pam. it is 7:47. investigators say it will take at least ten days to have a preliminary report on the plane crash that killed jenni rivera. the faa is sending a heal to figure out the cause of a crash -- team to figure out the cause of the crash. many considered rivera a role model. >> our listeners are like in shock because of her -- she was
7:49 am
like a huge loss in our community. >> her california driver's license was found partially melted among the wreckage but so far no bodies have been  recovered. an alaskanen -- an april last can -- an alaskan airlines plane had to make an emergency landing. a mechanical crew is still inspecting the plane due to the odor. antioch police investigating a drive-by shooting that happened yesterday morning. two men were shot in front of a home on man da ran way around 10:00 a.m. police say both men are expected to survive. one of the neighbors is the stepson of a man shot and killed saturday about a block away. so far, there have been no arrests. a 4-year-old girl is facing life without per aren't --
7:50 am
without her parents after a double homicide in san pablo over the weekend. police say the couple was shot to death outside of their abandoned pago t near powell and market around midnight. the little girl was in that apartment. she was not hurt. she's now in protective custody. police say this is not a murder- suicide. they are trying to get information from anyone who may have been out saturday night who may have seen or heard something that may help in the investigation. 7:49. there's been another shakeup at the port of oakland, into questionable spending of money. james caan is now stepping down. the audit says some of the port's credit cardholders skirted spending limits on single transactions. it also says more than $67,000 in extravagant gifts may violent state and federal laws and that some expenses expose
7:51 am
the port to tax liabilities. it is something that we take seriously and are not gonna close our eyes, too. we're gonna look at it. make sure that mistakes of the past are not repeated. >> he's the second executive to step down. omar benjamin abruptly retired last month. the port says the two racked up more than $5,000 in charges at two strip luns. the money has since been -- clubs. the money has since been repaid. more than 40,000 people visit it every day. how a redesign will make a popular part of fisherman's wharf even better.
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7:53 am
7:54 am
our time is now 7:53. four nfl players will find out today if their suspensions for a bounty investigation of the new orleans saints will be upheld, reduced or thrown out. former commissioner paul tagliabue will make a decision by this afternoon. vernon davis is more than just a great ball player. he's also a talented artist. he's using his talents to benefit -- for benefiting others. we saw some of his great work.
7:55 am
he's using acrylics here. also were two of his 49er teammates who said they never knew a football player who has an art gallery before. >> this is definitely a first. just here to support him. >> he goes a long way, not just on the field but off the field as well. it was a no-brainer. ly to be here. >> vernon is a great guy. his art work will be auctioned off. it focuses on education and gives scholarships for youth kids.
7:56 am
7:55. sal is here. you know what's happening on the roads. sal? >> that's right, you know, dave and tori, the traffic is actually going to be a little bit better than it was. still pretty slow. we're gonna go to the toll plaza. yesterday, we had such a bad day. people were complaining pretty loud. today it's backed up to the maze. it's not going any farther than that. about a 25 to 30-minute delay. yesterday was almost an hour for some people. let's take a look at interstate 880. northbound 880 traffic is busy as you pass the coliseum. that's a change from last time. we're seeing some stop-and-go traffic here. i want to mention the car fire. it was a van on fire. if you are trying to catch a flight, get on the road early. 1011 a mess through san bruno -- 101 is a mess through san bruno. and northbound 280 at race street, there is a -- a crash
7:57 am
on the cole -- shoulder. let's go to steve. >> a lot of fog out there kind of sneaking its way around. disappears, shows up. numerous reports. that is spooky fog there, the low fog. peggy in la fayette said i took the little one to the school bus and the cold took my breath away. the cold air is making a b-line right out of the gulf of alas -- a bee line right out of the gulf of alaska. highs will be in the 50s. get ready for lane -- get ready for rain. very cold here for the next couple of days. >> thank you, steve. placing limits on medical marijuana. what two bay area cities will debate today and what it means for patients.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, december 11th. an arson investigation continues in hayward. that's where an apartment building caught fire just hours ago. it happened near dixon street and copperfield avenue. now, tara moriarty has been there since 4:30 this morning. you have the latest details. tara? >> reporter: well, arson investigators were waiting for police to arrive so they could take pictures for evidence. it appears they've just pulled up. behind me is the gutted apartment that you can see. we're basically waiting for police and then once that's done, they can officially call this arson or not. now, firefighters did tell us that the victim noticed a 12- inch hole in her window as she was eskaying this burning apartment. we spoke to the woman who didn't want to appear on camera. she believes it was a molotov cobble tail and someone was trying to -- cork tail and someone was trying to --
8:01 am
cocktail and someone was trying to kill her and her son. crews say the top and bottom floors of the unit were engulfed when they arrived. firefighters were able to knock down this fire within ten minutes and prevent it from spreading to other people's homes. >> it looked like -- it looked like hell. flames were shooting everywhere. when she opened her door, it seems the flames escalated. >> reporter: now, the neighbor next door had to be evacuated. the mother and son are staying with friends. this abandoned pago t complex is only a -- this abandoned pago t complex -- this apartment complex is abandoned. 8:00. we're following developing news in daly city. just hours ago a car went over a cliff on highway 35.
8:02 am
ktvu's brian flores is live on the scene to tell us what have you learned about the crash so far this morning. >> reporter: well, the good news -- this is an update, all lanes on highway 35 have reopened. it opened about an hour and a half ago. we're on highway 35 now in between john muir drive and john daly boulevard. take a look as daylight has appeared here. we're taking a first look at the car that veered off this cliff either late last night or early this moring. you can see a lot of damage to the car as well. but chopper 2 was above the collision as the chp all -- actually responded to the car driving off the cliff at 4:30 when they arrived, the car fell 200, 300 feet below according to the chp. according to patrol officers two people were in the car. they say one of the passengers has moderate to major injuries including lacerations and a broken arm. we believe he or she was taken to san francisco general hospital to be treated. we understand that emergency crews had to lower cables down
8:03 am
to rescue the passengers. it's still not clear whether weariness speed or alcohol played a role in the crash. the car had major damage. >> it has major damage to it. i mean, obviously going off the edge bankment, it didn't hit much debris but on the way down it sustained damage to the front and -- left front fender as well as unknown undercarriage damage. >> reporter: and again, luckily no other injuries to report. no other cars or passengers were involved as well. but this morning, a tow truck view has been called in to get the car from below the cliff. as we take it back here live, you are taking a first look at the car damaged earlier this morning. in terms of traffic, though, southbound on skyline boulevard and northbound as well was closed earlier this morning but it appears in both directions traffic is clear this morning.
8:04 am
san jose parents are angry about a letter sent after a response of one parent accusing a teacher of molesting the child. the letter courted -- reportedly indicating that a private investigator found no merit to the allegations because the teacher, craig chandler, gave a "convincing denial of any inappropriate activity." chandler was arrested after a second child came forward. chand remember is tu -- chandler is due to go on trial next month for five counts of sex abuse. a oakland teenager will spend 25 years to life. he said he killed his parents and their home in january. the couple adopted moses when he was 6 years old. the teenager's attorney says moses suffers from in a -- from a number of mental health
8:05 am
issues stemming from abuse and neglect by his biological parents. the last-minute plea deal gives him a less severe punishment than he could have faced had he gone to trial. the sonoma county board of supervisors will considering reducing the amount of marijuana that a patient can have. this would reduce the number of plants patients can grow -- grow per year and it would cut
8:06 am
the allowed amount of dry marijuana per year. all right. 8:05. well, the 6.6 million facelift of the bay bridge toll plaza has begun. in fact, it started late last night. crews will be painting the toll boots and rhone know vateing other areas near the toll plaza. this work could take six months but any are only doing the work overnight. 8:05. we want to check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads this morning. not too bad sam. >> no. >> yesterday we had one of those days where there's a lot going on. today we have a couple of things. but we do have slow traffic i want to start off with 280 northbound. we've had a couple of slow traffic drives. we haven't had a lot of crashes but just a lot of throw slow -- a lot of slowing in this area. moving along and taking a look at the rest of the south bay commute, you can see 85 is also
8:07 am
slow from 87 as we look at the nimitz freeway look at all of the red on the map. 880 from hayward to fremont, very slow traffic. now we're getting a significant slowdown on the san mateo bridge westbound. we can't not look at the bay bridge. it's better than yesterday but about a 30-minute delay here. sunny for some but there's a lot of fog out there. some of it is kind of snaking it around from the coast, parts of the city. you get reports where it's clear. crockett has fog, martinez is clear. you kind of get the idea of what's going on. front responsible for it is on the north coast. it will be here late tonight, torm morning. it's not a big -- tomorrow morning.
8:08 am
low clouds, cooler, cooler, cooler. that will be today. the clouds will continue to increase and that fog will lift as the front gets closer. late tonight, brief lin -- brief rain. if we can get enough moisture there will be snow on the bay area peaks and up to the sierra shasta/lassen. it's been above lake level. this will be a little bit of good news. the colder air coming in. starting today and continuing wednesday. it's cold now out there. antioch, livermore, a lot of 30s holding on. sunny today, but we get more of that westerly breeze. we have the high tides coming in today. that combined with in front, you know, it could produce some tidal flooding, coastal flooding. this system does not have a lot of rain but it has a lot of
8:09 am
cold air. on the time line we're okay. it's late tonight where this comes in right there. 8:00 tonight. it moves into the north bay. overnight, it starts to drive through. i mean, this might be a little fast but it is a sign of things to come. that's the rain. she's -- here's the showers. hit and miss, surnny, cloud showers. that's what we'll be dealing with. pretty good northwest wind. so very cool lows this morning. cold lows. getting even colder tomorrow. 50s on the temperatures. i think this low cloud deck and approaching front will stop the temperatures from warming up it too -- from warming up too much. cold showery pattern all the way into thursday. not very warm now. clouds increase saturday. it does look like another cold rain arrives on sunday. there is a plan to give cell phones to the homeless here in california. a public utilities commission may approve the life line program to give cell phones to the homeless who pay a $20 deposit. the goal is including -- giving
8:10 am
them a way to know when housing -- about no audio] [no audio] >> california still has the highest enough of homeless. 27.7% right here in -- highest amount of homeless. 27.7% right here. later today, san francisco's -- san francisco's supervisor also consider a plan on crack -- on cracking down on scrap metal thefts. this will discourage buying
8:11 am
copper. a parent apathy says facebook users have lost their right to vote. the menlo park company asked users if it should go ahead to planned changes to the planned sharing and it warned at least 300 million active users would have to vote to keep current policies in place. fewer than 700,000 responded. facebook says operations are back to normal after a technical glitch made impossible for some users to log on. the menlo park company said it made a change to the domain name system set up yesterday. that blocked access. facebook won't say how many users why a -- users were affected or how long they were able to get on the social
8:12 am
network. 8:10. it's called the obama dog. it is named after the president. you will find out what it is. and a youth volleyball coach arrested. what he's arrested for and why police worry there could be more victims.
8:13 am
8:14 am
oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. fog around the area. the front is coming in. it's already starting to pick up some of that fog. 50s to very low 60s on the highs. rain comes in later tonight. colder tomorrow. scientists have named an extinct lizard after president
8:15 am
obama. they call it the obama-don. it was about a foot long before it went instinct about 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs died. they add they were just having fun when they did this and there are no political implications around this. the political rhetoric is getting tougher. democrats and republicans have not said much about the fiscal cliff but alison burns reports that's all changing this
8:16 am
morning. alison? >> reporter: dave, members of congress are just back from a long weekend and they started the day showing just how far apart they still are in those talks over the fiscal cliff. there were some harsh words from senate republican leader mitch mcconnell this morning. he said president obama is refusing to lead on spending cuts. and he accused him of shaking down top earners for more tax money. >> until the president gets specific about cuts, nobody should trust democrats to put a dime in revenue toward real deficit reduction. >> at the same time, democrats rallied on capitol hill this morning with a warning of their own. >> to all you negotiates -- negotiators who are negotiating on this so-called fiscal cliff and stuff, keep your hands off medicare and keep your hands off medicaid. >> reporter: speaker john boehner is expected to make
8:17 am
comments on the house floor. this is the first time we'll hear from him since he met with president obama at the white house on sunday. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. in afghanistan. >> , the head of the women's affairs -- the head of the women's affairs was shot to death. the husband of nadia said she was attacked by masked gunmen as she headed to work. this is images from her funeral. she took over the job after the woman killed by the bomb had it. the relationship between the u.s. and partly sunny is getting better but the u.s. still has some major derns, a report says. the report says pakistan is still providing safe haven to insurgents. it also praises pakistan for agreeing to open supply routes into afghanistan. new this morning, a youth volleyball coach in roseville is accused of secretly videotaping an underaged girl and police are now looking for
8:18 am
other potential victims. ronald roy buchanan is being held at a placer county jail near sacramento after an underaged girl reported she was allegedly taped while changing clothes for a photo shoot. the 30-year-old coach is a part- time photographer. for the first time hostess brand is acknowledging that workers' pension money was diverted for other users. the wall street journal says hostess executives say monthly -- money taken out of their checks and was supposed to go to retirement funds and that was supposed to go to retirement -- and that money went to the company. a san mateo company that installs rooftop solar systems is about to become a public company. solar city is said to set its price today after the markets close. they are hoping to raise as
8:19 am
much as $150 million. the ceo elan musk, who is also the co-founder of paypal and space-x says he will invest $15 million. that could attract other investors. about two and a half hours from right now, the air force plans to return another -- to run another test of the experimental space test. there it is. it is being developed as an unmanned and reusable space vehicle. today, it lick off from florida on an atlas five rocket launched into space. an earlier test flight lasted more than a year. a new federal report raises more concerns about funding for california's high speed rail project. the project is expected to cost $68 billion making it the largest in state history. the report says more than $11
8:20 am
billion have been identified so that leave as $57 billion shortfall. high speed rail supporters are confident once work begins, private investors will come forward. sonoma county is giving more than $6.5 million to the smart train district. the sonoma marin area rail transit district asked for the money to buy additional cars and says that will allow it to run passenger trains. the money had been earmarked for a pedestrian and cyclist safety project. there is a new study out on san jose drivers that's getting national attention. commuters are using social media to connect with other commuters. they exchange information to help them get to where they are going faster. the study also says it helps drivers feel better. not only because of the time but because they are helping others drivers -- other drivers
8:21 am
save some time. 8:20. a stern warning from the judge to the woman convicted of killing nursing student, michelle le. the reason he says giselle esteban may never be paroled.
8:22 am
8:23 am
-what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
8:24 am
a judge warned giselle esteban that she may never be patrolled if she can'ts to show lack of remorse. yesterday, she was sentenced from 25 years to life in prison. saying he had never seen so much evidence of premeditation on a case braced on circumstantial evidence. prosecutors say esteban planned le's killing for months and waited for her in a hospital parking lot for hours before attacking le back in may 2011. >> we always felt seeing the trial that she felt no remorse. she would stare directly at our family with a blank stare. >> prosecutors say she killed le because she erroneously believed that she was having a
8:25 am
relationship with her father's child. 8:24. this afternoon, a morgan hill mother accused of uing her 10- year-old daughter to help her shoplift is due in court. marcie kielen is expected to enter a plea to shows charges. now kielen is accused of abandoning her daughter at a safeway store. push let's check -- let's check traffic with sal. something's happening near the caldecott tunnel. what's happening? >> that's right. this is near old tunnel road. a car fire. put a circle -- i've put a circle on the map. also orinda fire and oakland fire are on the way. i want to move the maps to 80 under. we've had slow traffic from
8:26 am
pinole to richmond. it's been kind of an ugly commute there. 880 really slow from 238 all the way down to milpitas and then the san mateo bridge is also slow as well. let's go to some live pictures. i want to show you northbound 880 is very slow coming up to downtown oakland. this late commute is not looking good. ing look at -- look at all of that slow traffic. we have a slow commute backed up to the maze. 30 minutes plus here. 8:25. let's go to steve. sunny for some. there is a lot of fog around. it will increase. not only some inland fog. the valley fog. north bay fog. the combin nation of the two. there's our system. now, it is not a very strong system. it will give us light rain. it's the told air -- cold air behind that. ronald said in crescent city reports drizzle.
8:27 am
that's the front right there getting really close. we have two areas of fog, not only the coast fog but the inland fog. it's still cold and it will get cold around here. 30s, 40s and a couple of low 50s. that's a big pool of very cool air. fog, coast and inland. sunny for a while. it will be cooler today with more of a westerly breeze and then we'll see increasing clouds by tonight, late tonight overnight into early tomorrow morning. we'll get some rain, not a lot. .10 to .3. kind of turning cold, windy showery. windy and cold friday. the weekend there's not a consensus. i'm leaning on the one forecast model that states a cold rain, stronger system arrives. 8:26. san jose police now clearing up some controversial statements about a weekend violent attack. what the police department says what it really meant to say about the stabbing of a
8:28 am
teenaged boy. >> reporter: and oakland business goes up in flames for the second time in four months. how firefighters think the fire in this store may have started. >> reporter: we're live in morgan hill where there's been a rash of home and auto break- ins. we just spoke to one of the victims. and we'll tell you what they had to say when "mornings on 2" continues. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup
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8:30 am
there was a fire at what used to be a used appliance store. allie rasmus is back now with the very latest on what
8:31 am
happened out there. >> reporter: this is where the fire happened. this is the budget appliances store on 64th and international in oakland. now, we can take a look inside because the windows are completely gone. this was an appliance store. there's nothing inside it. just a mattress in the corner. the business has not operated here since a fryer destroyed it back in august. overnight, another fire broke out here. oakland firefighters got the call around 1:30 this morning t was a one-alarm fire. firefighters were able too put it out quickly. partly because there not much inside the stores. investigators are supposed to come out here to pinpoint the exact cause. the battalion chief says there were signs that some homeless people may have been staying here. as we mentioned, this is the second fire to happen in this same building in the past four months. this is video from the first
8:32 am
fire back in august. back then, investigators believe that fire was suspicious. but the fire that happened here this moring, the fire captain told me there's no sign of anything suspicious with it. arson investigators are going to come out here later today and that's common procedure. she told me any time there is a fire, the battalion chief told us that -- that it's possible that people were squatting here and they may have led a fire to keep warm and that may have started the fire. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. a police chase in oakland ended with two people going to the hospital. this happened last night when the police troyed to pull over the drive because he may have been driving a stolen car. the driver, police say, led them on the chase was taken to the hospital in handcuffs. the driver of the other car also received minor injuries.
8:33 am
8:32. some morgan hill residents taking extra steps to protect their homes, cars, properties because of a spike in burglaries. ktvu's janine de la vega is in morgan hill, and you just talked to one of those burglary victims. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning dave. yeah, i spoke with the homeowners who live in the green leaf neighborhood. they live in the home where you see the garage door up. they are having a hard time because they feel violated. thieves actually hit their next door neighbor as well. that truck was broken into just a few days later. police say in the last month there's been 23 broke-ins in this neighborhood. thieves are taking jewelry, electronics and money. burglars have hit 15 cars during the night. officers say they are smashing windows and grabbing anything of value. one homeowner we spoke to said their doors and windows are
8:34 am
locked. the thieves broke part of the back fence and jimmied the lock to get in. >> i'm afraid they will come back. you never know. they hit a couple of hours in the neighborhood afterwards. i don't feel like they've left the neighborhood. >> reporter: we found these two cars with their engines running and no one inside. this is the exact thing police are warning people not to do. officers are patrolling the area. they want people to their -- to do their part. keep your windows and doored locked, deep your valuable as out of sight in the cars. one resident has actually chained their christmas deer lawn ownment to the tree just -- ornament soto the tree -- ornament to the tree so nobody would take it. they don't have anybody in custody and they are not sure
8:35 am
these cases are related janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. the san jose police department clarifying earlier statements about the weekend stabbing of a. 14-year-old boy near a holiday -- of a 14-year- old boy near a holiday celebration. the mercury news reports that a police spokesman told the paper that the police may not investigate the stabbing and that it was just one more added to the pile. the police spokesman now says he meant that gang detectives would not be called on their day off. he added -- he added all of the cases are investigated despite the heavy workloads. the district attorney wants to see -- wants to see two protesters you from columbus day parade along with photographs, mentions and tweets from all other users who follow them.
8:36 am
twitter has mott said if they will -- twitter has not said if they will follow them. one of the trustees faces the possibility of losing his seat. chris yakson, it's reported that he failed to failed to file reports and pre-election statements and complete training on campaign finance requirements. jackson tells the chronicle that he plans to file forms on friday and hopes to establish a payment plan for the $11,000 in late fees he racked up from the missing documents. in just a few hours, dive teams with sonar equipment will once again search the waters for a missing man who vanished saturday off mare island. he was last seen working on his tugboat. he may have fallen overboard.
8:37 am
search teams will lead the new search. there was a car fire near the caldecott tunnel. sal, what do you know? >> well, the update is eastbound 24 is where they found it, eastbound 24 at old tunnel road. it's not in the commute direction. it may have an impact on westbound 24. it's right here. westbound traffic may be slow. 24 eastbound is just gonna be a mess from below highway 14. i want to show you the been. it's better than yesterday but it is still backed up for a 30- minute delay. this morning's commute has improved in downtown san jose. there goes caltrain. they are on time. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. well, we have a lot of fog around. not only inland follow but also some coast fog. that coast fog will make a bigger impact here as the cold front, emphasis on cold, moves in late tonight tomorrow morning. still sunny for a while for
8:38 am
some you will notice it is betting cooler -- getting cooler. less than .10 of rain. turing showery as we head towards wednesday evening, thursday. low clouds. it will be cooler with the sun. yesterday we had the north- northeast. that's gone. the cold air comes in. if we can generate enough moisture. becan -- dash if we can generate enough -- if we can generate enough moisture, they will get some snow levels. the front is just knocking on the door here. increasing clouds. that takes that fog and increases it on the coast. watch that to continue, not only increase but also lift a little bit. some that has been on the deck. i think it's coming up. very cold. 30s, 40s. it's gonna get colder.
8:39 am
i think we go into this pattern for a while. i've seen some ten-day outlooks that keep us in this pattern. not a lot of rain. our type line does not bring anything in except low clouds, making it to the mendocino area. overnight. that's rain there. then the shower, that kind of hit and miss pockets. this is rain. it won't be much. it will clear the area tomorrow morning. but then it will be one of those wait fire minutes. it will be cold for everybody. cooler today, fog, sun. clouds later. high and mid-level clouds. but the big news is the cold air coming in wednesday, thursday. friday looks windy and cold. fog, sun, cooler. very, very chilly. tomorrow we'll be saying cooler. 50s on the highs. get rade. a different pattern here.
8:40 am
not a lot of pain but there will be a lot of cold. that will take us into friday. another system arrive os on saturday. king tides are coming back to california. they are the highest. year. they will peak -- they are the highest of the year. they will peak. some people think this is what california may look like in the future if sea levels rise because of global warming. we're learning about an unexpected new fee part of president obama's healthcare reforms. it's a temporary $63 per person fee designed to help pay for people with preexisting conditions. it will hit health plan the searching an estimated 190 million americans mostly workers and their families. the phoebe gins in 2014 and lasts three years. insurance companies say most of the fee will get passed on to workers. there is actually good news this morning about childhood
8:41 am
obesity in america. several big cities and smaller ones say obesity rates are going down. "the new york times" reports that new york city, los angeles, anchorage and kerney, nebraska all report the drops in childhood obesity. the declines have been small. but researchers say it's significant. it is unclear what's contributing to the declines. 8:40. more games are being canceled by the national hockey league. all games have been canceled through december 30th the that represents about 43% of the nhl season. team owners and the players still don't have a collective bargaining agreement. the talks between the two sides have been frozen since they broke off last thursday. san jose sharks' organization still managed to bring some smiles and please fans despite the lockout. they held their annual family
8:42 am
party for low-income families yesterday. the players were in the there because of the lockout. but sharky was there in a santa suit and passed out gifts for the kids. about two dozen families enjoyed skating and a holiday meal. secretary of state hillary clinton is about to end her run as secretary of state. but she's passing up on a current trip. we'll explain why. also, hundreds of giant sea creatures washing up on the beaches the county.
8:43 am
8:44 am
well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
8:45 am
developing news approaching the caldecott tunnel. the car fire has closed eastbound 24 getting into the tunnel. a huge traffic mess now getting up there. in fact, no one is getting through. i was asked the question, why wouldn't they switch the other tunnel to let some drivers go through. that would be too hard to do on the fly.
8:46 am
it's very complicated to actually switch the tunnel, the middle tunnel going westbound to eastbound. so it will have to stay this way. assume they think they will be able to clear it right away. i see a tow truck in the backup. but eastbound traffic is not getting through. a huge mess for the caldecott. i even see some people walking around there. stay with ktvu. we'll keep you posted on this developing news. do not use eastbound 24. you are not gonna get anywhere. u.s. employers advertised more jobs, a hopeful sign that things will pick u the federal reserve is expected to announce a new bond buying plan to support the u.s. economy. stocks are up right now. the dow currently up 116 points. the knack is also up 41. s&p up 13. the. the u.s. government is
8:47 am
telling -- selling off the last of its aig stock and to many people's surprise, the government will end up from $22 billion from the bailout of the insurance giant. aig was rescued just before it had to file for bankruptcy. 8:46. lets bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. in daly city, lanes are back open on highway 35. they were shut down hours ago after a car went down a cliff on skyline boulevard. one person was hurt in the crash. 600 students at pleasantville elementary school were evacuated yesterday after a pipe bomb was found on the campus. investigators are checking video from security cameras hoping to make an arrest. and hayward police are inspecting this abandoned pago t building.
8:48 am
it caught -- this apartment building -- here's tara. >> reporter: what is this looking like? >> arson. a glass break in the window. we're doing some type of -- doing our investigation. there seems to be an accelerant sprayed on the floor. but it is classified as an arson. so we're doing further investigate to get this wrapped up. >> reporter: it looks like a molotov cocktail. that would make sense? >> that would make sense that spread throughout the living room area and that's what she saw and heard.
8:49 am
>> reporter: thank you. we do want to say that the mother and her son did got out safely. the call came in around 4:00 this morning. neighbors say the fire was going at 3:45. it appears a 911 call was not made for 15 minutes. that's something that investigators are looking into at this point. why wasn't a call placed sooner? crews were here within five minutes of receiving the call. crews say the top and bottom floors avenue were engulfed when any arrived. firefighters were able to knock it out within ten minutes to prevent it to spreading from other people's homes. the family living next door had to be evacuated. more than half a dozen people were displaced temporarily. luckily the mother and her son got out safely. back to you. it's still a mystery why hundreds of squids beached themselves in santa cruz county. this is not the first time.
8:50 am
pam cook joins us with what's being said about this strange event. >> the neighborhood news site is filled with comments about the dead squid along the beach in the attas area of santa cruz county. on sunday, hundreds of humboldt squid washed up between rio delmar and pleasure point. one person reports hearing a strange sound and when she shined a light on the sand, she found hundreds of the squid dead or dying. now, the fish and game are now trying to figure out what happened. back in october, another 100 squid beached themselves in the pacific grover area. now, marin biologists say it may be a national occurrence that just happens as the squid migrate. they do travel in groups of about 1,000. scientists do warn, do not eat the ones that are beached until they figure out exactly why they died. tori? >> thank you, pam. the obama administration is tightening its ties to syria's
8:51 am
main opposition group. the u.s. is expected to recognize the new syrian opposition council as only legitimate representative of the syrian people at an international conference this week in morocco. that will pave the way for greater u.s. support for the rebels. britain and france have already extended full recognition to the coalition. and secretary of state hillary clinton was supposed to represent the u.s. tomorrow at the friends of syrian meeting but she will not be there. she has a stomach virus. so william burns will take her place. 8:50. the suspect in the sierra lamar case is heading back to court tomorrow. the other very serious charms -- charges he's facing. and sal will have an update on a huge traffic mess at the caldecott tunnel. we'll have a check on his morning commute -- next. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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eastbound 24, big problem at the caldecott. a car fire, eastbound. you will see the traffic is really slow. now, they've managed to open, it looks like, one lane crawling along into the tunnel, but the damage is done. if you drive on eastbound 24, you need to give yourself extra time. the firefighters did put the fire out. but now there is sa huge backup. we'll have -- but now there is a huge backup.
8:55 am
we'll have one more report coming up. lucas film won an appeal. a state appeals court overturned a verdict that said that lucas film discriminated against a woman after she revealed that she was pregnant. they ruled that the previous instructions the judge gave to the jury contained too many affairs and the fees awarded to the woman have been vacated. repairs have been repaired on a water main break in ball knit creek. crews -- in walnut creek. crews brought in equipment to fix the main. no homes were affected but commercial customers lost water service. we talked to the contra costa water company about this this morning and they say the service has been restored. antolin gar see jaw-torres goes back to court. he's pucked of killing sierra lamar. he's also accused of three --
8:56 am
he's accused of killing sierra lamar. he's also accused of three kidnappings. prosecutors say he tried to kidnap three different women from a parking lot in 2009. they also say that he killed sierra lamar earlier this year and hid her body. there are four claims alleging former students were abused by their teachers in the 1990s at this school district. the lawsuits were filed by three jane jones and kristin kanine who helped convict one of her accusers. it's at 7:30 tonight at joaquin intermediate school. today's lucky winners in ticket tuesday, two viewers will win two tickets each to see how to drain your dragonnen, the live spectacular. the event is at san jose's hp
8:57 am
pavilion, december 27th. for your chance to win, go to before midnight and put in the secret word, this is a special one. "toothless" tooth less dragon. we have a monster of a traffic problem at the caldecott. >> there was a fire on fire inside the caldecott tunnel. i want to show you the picture of the traffic eastbound 24. the tunnel was closed previously for a car that was on fire. we had one of our viewers. george sent us a picture of the car actually on fire. i guess he took it as he drove by. that's the only way he would have taken it. there it is. so finally, the oakland fire department did put that car fire out. and the backup is huge. thank you for -- to george g. for sending us that picture. appreciate it. there's 24 again. live from our newschopper2. the alternate route really is to go a completely different way. you might want to go up to ka
8:58 am
mean yopablo or you might want to use 580 and get into the valley that way and then use 680 northbound. not really good alternates but that's all we have right now. let's go to the toll plaza. westbound, it's backed up for about a 25-minute delay at the toll plaza. let's go to steve. sal, fog for some. not only coastal fog coming back. but it will be sunny for a while been but that fog is continuing to work its way in. a lot of i high 50s and low 6 -- a lot of high 50s and low 60s. friday and saturday look okay just not really warm. >> you want tori to get her coat? >> yeah, the boots and scarf probably needed. >> my son was saying it doesn't kneel like winter. but it -- -- feel like winter. but it will. >> it will. thank you for joining us. >> be sure to watch the news at noon. we're always here for you at thank you for joining us.
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